Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for DIAA! Volunteers are a vital part of our organization. It is through their hard work and dedication that we are able to provide 24-hour services to victims/survivors and their loved ones.

Why Volunteer at DIAA

Personal Growth

The skills you develop as a volunteer are often useful in your personal, school and work life.

Counseling Skills

Direct volunteers receive 32 hours of training on the dynamics of domestic violence, sexual abuse, counseling, and active listening skills.

College Credit

Many college and university departments offer college credit to both direct and indirect volunteers. See your advisor to determine if you qualify.

Resume Builder

Graduate schools and employers often look for well-rounded applicants who give back to their communities.

Cultural Diversity

Learn more about the Deaf community and sign language by volunteering at events and working with in-office staff.

Direct vs. Indirect

Volunteers and Interns

As a direct volunteer, you will offer support to Deaf, Hard of Hearing an/or Deaf-Blind domestic and sexual abuse victims/survivors and their loved ones. In return, DIAA can provide you with: The opportunity to make a difference. You can see the impact your work has during one-on-one contact at the hospital, police station and court system.

As an indirect volunteer, you will offer administrative, educational, operational, and/or event support to DIAA Staff. In return, DIAA can TOO provide you with: the opportunity to make a difference. You can see the impact your work has within our organization.


Office Assistant

Office assistants handle organizational and clerical support tasks. This may include organizing files, data entry, writing copy, proofreading, updating paperwork and more.

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